Why Tax Efficient Planning?

Don't Tax Yourself

Instead, learn how to use the tax laws to potentially maximize the benefits of your investments.

Mike Martin, Laurie Martin and Brett Brennan know a crucial financial truth: while your investment return is important, your after-tax return is even more important.

In retirement, that may be the most important financial lesson of all.

Why tax-efficient planning matters.

If you are like most people, you will enter retirement with substantial savings - assets from your retirement plan at work, your investment portfolio, and money in the bank.

The question is: what do you do with all of it? How do you convert these assets into an income stream? Do you just fill out some paperwork, head home and relax? Not quite!

It takes planning to retire comfortably. This is because of an inescapable truth: every financial decision you make carries a tax consequence.

So, to retire comfortably, you have to plan to make the financial moves that will help maximize the benefits from your investments and potentially minimize the taxes. We can show you what those moves are. Moreover, we can tell you what you are not doing that you should consider doing.

It's like having a financial coach. You make the decisions, you are always in control - we simply share our input, and explain why some decisions may be better than others given your particular financial situation.

The collaboration allows you to brainstorm. The conversation may open up new possibilities for tax savings and wealth protection.

You can talk to us today. Simply call or e-mail us to request a little more information about the ways we plan to make retirement less taxing.