Why it helps to know "the whole story"

You may feel great about the way that your portfolio is performing, but how great will you feel if you lose a significant amount of what you earn to unnecessary taxes?

Tax-smart retirement planning can help you retain more of what you earn, and more of what you have saved.

Mike Martin, Laurie Martin & Brett Brennan may provide you with a tax-smart retirement strategy, and inform you of the tax consequences of different financial decisions. These tax and investment specialists help plan to potentially make your retirement more rewarding.

Why tax-sensitive planning has such merit.

When your retirement planners are knowledgeable about tax law, we can help you retire with more confidence.

While some investment professionals focus on portfolio returns exclusively, we focus on after-tax income as well as portfolio returns. We may be able to introduce you to a more tax-efficient investment plan.

You may call or e-mail us today to ask about our tax-savvy planning - what you learn may make you very happy about your financial future.